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This site will guide you in the discovery of our winery, our territory, and the wines we produce.

Since 1977 we have dedicated our care to the vineyards located in the municipality of Priocca, a small village in the territory of Roero, a land of steep slopes where still vines and hazelnuts give way to forest flaps creating a lovely bucolic landscape and preserving biodiversity , true treasure of these lands.

“Then to the north I met Priocca and near Priocca I was silently surprised to admire an amphitheatre of vineyard that repays the look and refreshes the traveler. One of many you will tell me. It is true, I answer, but if you understand the history, if you put the woods around it or meet the peasants, today as then you will measure the difference; you will be invested by an intimate story as instructive, strong as are the having known the fatigue, poverty and the countryside- proofs of life that teach to walk with the eyes of righteousness- and then that amphitheatre of vineyard, and that farmhouse in the middle, ac they will be much more thick, such as archetype or teaching.”

Fernardo Pardini – Acquabuona (2002)