The Vineyards

The entirety of the company’s 10 hectares of vineyards is located in the municipality of Priocca: most of the parcels are located on the hill that stands behind the farm, in the MGA “Madonna of Graces”, while the remaining part is located on the hill of Bricco Cats, in the MGA “Cascinotto”.

Since 1995 we have chosen to manage our vineyards according to the dictates of natural agriculture, a set of good practices that helps to lower the environmental impact and increase the vitality of the soil, in addition of course to the quality of the wines.

The herb: help against erosion and fertility builder

The vineyards remain upright all year round: this helps us to avoid the phenomenon of erosion, very frequent on these loose and draining soils, and to slow down the washing of nutrients, which are absorbed by herbaceous varieties during growth and again transferred to the ground as a result of the mowing. To preserve the herbaceous varieties most useful to viticulture, the flowering is carefully observed, so that they are cut only when the seeds mature, so that the herbs can proliferate in the following years. For this reason the mowing is carried out only 2 times during the year, so that it can propagate as many herbaceous species as possible. Diversity becomes a key to both pest management and improving soil fertility, as each herb with different characteristics brings different elements and thus increases the number of organic compounds that the screws will have to Available. This allows us to make fertilizes only with mature manure, and only once every 5-6 years.

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