The winery

“Valley of the Priest”, a name from ancient origins. The story goes that around 1850 the walls of the farmhouse were inhabited by Abbot Felice de Grèsy forced into exile.

However, the first reports date back a hundred years, when the farmhouse was owned by the Countess of Cornegliano Adelaide Cristina Perez Binelli, wife of Paolo Giuseppe Giza Asinari de Grèsy.

From then on the estate was passed down by inheritance until 1977, when it was purchased by Bartolomeo Roagna of Priocca d’Alba, at the time a sharecropper on behalf of the de Grèsy family. Although in those days there was the phenomenon of emigration and abandonment of the countryside, Bartolomeo, together with his wife Carolina and children, believing in the potential of these lands, decided to plant his first vineyards of Barbera and Nebbiolo in the amphitheater in front of the farmhouse, allocating the production to the sale of grapes and bulk wine. He also devoted the remaining part of the land to the cultivation of peaches, and the flat arable land, from which to seize the sustenance for the calves raised in the stable of the farm.

His wits, dedication and intuition assisted him, and over the years they allowed him to expand the property, buying other neighboring land to be used as a vineyard. It was in this way that helped by his sons he planted the variety Arneis, native Roero vine, which had recently returned to the limelight.

Only in 1995 his son Mario, supported by his wife Maria Carla, took over the reins of the company, deciding to subscribe to fruit growing and breeding, dedicating himself exclusively to viticulture and the production of quality wines. From then on he chose to go down the path of natural agriculture and to bottle the entire wine production. Since 2013, the current 10 hectares of vineyards cultivated in Arneis, Barbera and Nebbiolo are certified organic.

Time flies, and since 2010 his son Giovanni took part in the family business bringing a fresh breath of enthusiasm into the production process.

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